How to Cut the Drama from Your Kids’ Morning Routine

Hey y’all so putting up this super quick post simply because I posted a little bit about this on my Instastory yesterday and got sooooo many momma’s sliding into my DM’s like –! So I figured it would just be easier to make a blog post about it to share. Continue reading “How to Cut the Drama from Your Kids’ Morning Routine”


Fear-LESS: How I Overcame my Fear of Failure to Achieve Big for Others

It_s not faithin technology.It_s faithin people

I’m going to keep this brief, if possible with my unique gift of wordiness, and share a little story that taught me a big lesson.  Continue reading “Fear-LESS: How I Overcame my Fear of Failure to Achieve Big for Others”

back to school boys fashion styles 2017

2017 Back to School Favorite Little Boy Styles

In celebrating the holiest season of the year, aka “Back to School” or “Mommy get’s her free time back”, I figured I would commemorate the moment with a return to blogging and a back to school shopping special.

During the summer my poor kid suffered through tight and short clothing in our efforts to make his 3T styles last til the bitter end. Seriously–is the toddler pot belly on display back in style? If so — nailed it. But as the school season crept upon us, and email targeting got the better of me, my kid is finally clothed in some of my favorite back to school styles. Continue reading “2017 Back to School Favorite Little Boy Styles”

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A Month in the Life : One

Camden is a Month Old!

one month update photo

Camden Michael Haines you are a month old! And what wonderful month it’s been my little babe. 💙 Continue reading “A Month in the Life : One”

Making Me Mama, Again.

Well this took some time to write. Who knew having a newborn and a toddler could leave you with no time to yourself! Someone needs to rewrite the warning labels on this whole pregnancy thing. But happy that now we’re coming up on one month living life with Camden that I finally get to share the story of his “Zero-eth Birthday”, as Chris refers to it.

Pictures from the birth are included throughout the text and well…it’s birth. Not all glamour pics. You’ve been warned! 

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Dreamy Maternity Shoot with Rebecca Dyan Photography

Oh. my. gosh.

On my last post I featured a sneak preview of my maternity photoshoot with Rebecca Dyan Photography aka Becky. She wow’d me with the–and I’m sorry I say it a lot but there’s no other word that encapsulates what she does–dreamy results in her new in-home studio set-up! But I just got the full collection and…I’m speechless. (Which is really hard to do I kind of never shut my mouth). Read More

38 weeks pregnant blog post

t h i r t y – e i g h t

t h i r t y – e i g h t   w e e k s.

We are full-term. We’ll be inducing 4/12/17 at 39 weeks so we are just shy of being in our complete last week of this pregnancy! This pregnancy has just flown by.

And we cannot wait to meet this little boy or girl. Read More…