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2017 Back to School Favorite Little Boy Styles

In celebrating the holiest season of the year, aka “Back to School” or “Mommy get’s her free time back”, I figured I would commemorate the moment with a return to blogging and a back to school shopping special.

During the summer my poor kid suffered through tight and short clothing in our efforts to make his 3T styles last til the bitter end. Seriously–is the toddler pot belly on display back in style? If so — nailed it. But as the school season crept upon us, and email targeting got the better of me, my kid is finally clothed in some of my favorite back to school styles.

Back 2 School Stylin on a Budget

Without blowing the budget — because let’s face it these kids just won’t stop growing — here are some of my favorite styles for back to school. We’re waiting for fall to hit to stock up on some more jeans and last years shorts still fit–I mean short-shorts are still in right?! 😜 So our t-shirt game was strong! I focused on hitting up the clearance section and waited for percent-off offers…thank you email targeting!

I’ll be honest I really dislike 99% of character t’s. My kid would absolutely live in his favorite character’s shirts…no matter how funky they look. Part of my back to school shopping goal was to find shirts we could both be happy about. I scoured online stores, and while there was a rare gem here and there at popular kid clothing stores like Children’s Place, most of it was gimmicky looking or out of the price range of what I want to spend on a toddler’s wardrobe (I’m looking at you Gap.)

Favorite Stores for Back to School Fashion

With that being said there were three stores from which we were able to mass purchase all of our back to school needs! Bonus — they were all stores that accepted returns either via mail or in-store. Heck yeah!

These favorite trendy budget friendly clothing shops were: H&M | Old Navy | Cat and Jack at Target

We ended up swinging by H&M with returns for our first online order as their sizing is a little funky…2-4y and 4-6y were my options. Colton’s pretty much 4t everything these days so I ordered the larger size. This ended up being a pile of gargantuan pants that needed to be returned. When we went to the store they only had one of the styles I purchased online available in-store (so keep that in mind when you’re returning!) I switched that particular pant size, found a couple clearance pants that weren’t avail online, and blew the rest of the return funds on more shirts!

We rounded off Colton’s wardrobe by throwing in a few special pieces, like the cutest hat we scored 55% off from SlyFoxThreads.

All in all we spent under $200 for all of these back to school finds!

Edited to add: A friend saw this post and had worked for H&M for nearly a decade! She told me if you donate a bag of clothes you will get 15% off your purchase!! It can be any old clothes and you can use the coupon on sale stuff too. 👌 Awesome!!


Check out Pictures of our 2017 Back to School Boy Style below! 

(You might recognize these if you follow us on Instagram! If you don’t you should 👉 @samanthaehaines )

h&m boys style

Back to school boys fashion

boys style summer

boys basic style old navy

fashion boys hat

fall boy stylesummer boys stlye

back to school boy style first day school

superhero tee and cat and jack shoes style

star wars boy fashion character tee boy style basics superhero boys shirts

boy summer fashion style

mickey mouse style cool boys fashion

boy summer back to school style



And that rounds up our 2017 Back to School Styles!

back to school boys fashion styles 2017



Any recommendations for your own favorite style finds? Drop a comment below!

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