38 weeks pregnant blog post

t h i r t y – e i g h t

t h i r t y – e i g h t   w e e k s.

We are full-term. We’ll be inducing 4/12/17 at 39 weeks so we are just shy of being in our complete last week of this pregnancy! This pregnancy has just flown by.

And we cannot wait to meet this little boy or girl.

To commemorate this final week of pregnancy I hosted some last minute family interviews and we’ve captured the belly in all it’s full-grown glory in some stunning maternity photos.

My Final Pregnancy “Interview”:

  • Names finally picked out for both genders
  • Got my first solid stretch mark
  • Weight has flat-lined for the past 3 weeks at basically 166 with very little fluctuation up or down.
  • I’m 5’9 and starting weight was 135, so we’re right at a healthy 30 lb mark.
  • Contractions are a go! I’ve been having them this pregnancy much more often and significant than the first.
  • To get labor going we are trying…nothing! I want this baby to stay in there until my sister flies in the day before induction date!
  • Hospital bag mostly packed besides last minute stuff.
  • Our room is downstairs and set for baby; baby’s room is basically…an upstairs storage closet with an unbuilt crib in it lol.
  • No cravings for weeks now. I’m just good with food. You know…eating all. of. it.
  • No gender inclinations but if I had one…50/50 odds I’d be right 😉
  • Baby Sprinkle checked off! Still so thankful to have made such amazing friends since moving to Texas who both insisted, hosted, and attended the cutest baby brunch! I was thrilled with the intimate atmosphere and delicious food–Chez Zee is so “Austin” it’s a must for visitors! And the laughter. So much laughter. I’ve always known I was blessed but this truly solidified it.
  • Gorgeous maternity photos are a check and I cannot wait to give you a sneak preview…in this post below!

Big Brother To-Be QA:

Colton share’s all his baby knowledge about his upcoming brother or sister. And I do mean all of his baby knowledge 😳

PS this video is long (5 minutes) but the best “baby” moments are in the beginning. Don’t feel obligated to watch it all. I just love every sweet memory of every word and couldn’t bring myself to chop it up.

Husbands’ Pregnancy Perspective:

  • Favorite part of this pregnancy: Watching Colton interacting with your belly and talk about his baby
  • Least favorite part of this pregnancy: The honey-do listS
  • Something you want to remember: How good sleep is
  • Something you want to forget: The sympathy weight
  • Girl or Boy: Healthy
  • Not looking forward to: Diaper duty
  • Looking forward to: Coming home from the hospital with a healthy family of four

Yeah he’s not always a man of many words, but when I asked Chris to take some photos of the pregnancy that he never wants to forget. I’ve got to say…the man kind of blew me away…

38 weeks pregnant iphone maternity pictures black and white third trimester belly pic belly photography 3rd trimester maternity picture third trimester maternity pictures

I can’t believe he’s been holding out on his secret ninja iPhone photography skills for so long!

These photos will always be treasured because they come from my husband, but surprisingly enough it is not the only maternity photos I’m bringing to you this week.

Dreamy Maternity Photoshoot with Rebecca Dyan Photography

The last thing on the checklist to get done before baby is born was get maternity pictures taken. I didn’t do it with Colton and strongly regret that I don’t have any beautiful showcase photos to display of my first baby’s pregnancy. The only thing holding me back is…I’m really picky. It’s one thing to be able to point and shoot to take photo’s. It’s another to completely capture a feeling, like the one that is this beautiful journey and culmination that is 9 (really 10) long months of growing another person. These photo’s had to be timeless. Classic. So when I found Becky (Rebecca) I was already in love with her work. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get the kind of results I did…

So now I welcome you to check out a sneak preview of this professional beyond dreamy maternity photoshoot from Rebecca Dyan Photography. Becky just wow-wow-wowed me with how these stunning maternity photos turned out. If you live in Austin she’s an absolute must for your maternity pictures!

Without further ado, these pictures are fresh, taken just a few days ago with still more to come. Still–I can’t wait for them all, I have to show these off now!



All photos: Courtesy of Rebecca Dyan Photography

I mean…c’mon!! I cannot wait to frame these babies and if you live in Austin and are looking for a maternity photographer I cannot recommend her enough! Check out more of her beautiful portfolio work on Facebook or visit her website directly!

So there you have it. The final week captured, documented, perfectly preserved in this treasured memory.  There’s only one more thing to look forward to at this point…Baby Haines 2 I think we’re finally ready for you


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7 thoughts on “t h i r t y – e i g h t

  1. Sam! I love reading your blogs, they’ve brought tears of joy and tears of sorrow. As well as lots of laughter. Thank you for sharing! And you are one good lookin preggo mama! 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you’re so sweet love and thank you for taking the time to say so–it’s so intimidating to take a risk and start putting yourself out there so comments like this where I realize I’m reaching people I had no idea I could reach…it just means the world to me!! xxx


  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! Truly. I cried. We can’t wait to meet this little baby. Family fun fact-I got my one and only stretch mark during my second pregnancy as well. (Not bad for five-thanks Hannah! 😉 ) Such a small price to pay. You look like a goddess. Magical.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are the epitome of motherhood with the prospect of birthing a human being who may just make the world a better place. Boy or girl I, know he/she will be loved and raised to incorporate the values of Grandfather Michael Brewer among other influential people in his/her future.. It is a pity that those who would believe it is their right of convenience
    to abort a priceless gift from nature (or God if you will) can’t experience the emotion and spiritual pleasure you are sharing here.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You look so stunning in those photos…. and Colton is my little spirit muffin. I can’t wait to come out there!!! (He’s only half as excited as I am)

    I cannot wait to meet this little baby. Love you so much, you continue to inspire us mere mortals xxxx


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