framing the first nickel I ever made a blogging story

Framing the First Nickel I Ever Made: A Blogging Story

Woah. I just checked Pinterest and people….

the-fertility-diet-is-going-viralOne of the images I created on my Controlling Your Fertility Naturally blog is going semi-viral. I mean in my world, it’s viral. On the scale of “viralness” it may not seem like much. But for me, the idea that I’ve reached that many people…yup I’m going to keep saying the word. It’s viral. 

3.3 THOUSAND boards have the Fertility Diet pinned. Woah!

When I set out to start blog writing it was with the intention to share my opinion, my experiences, and anything I  thought could somehow help others. It is so empowering to know that the things I’ve experienced and shared could potentially help hundreds or even thousands of people. It was already enough if I could put myself out there and produce this blog in the hopes of helping just one person. So to say this is an extraordinary is to put it mildly! Through our miscarriage, that brutal loss, has come a new life in this blogging. And every blog is in honor of those babies we never got the chance to meet.

The First Nickel

word ads impressionsWhen I told Chris about the viralness (⟵ like that word dontchya 😉) he asked if that meant I was making money off my blog. I hadn’t even thought of that! I checked and low and behold…a whole
5 cents!

You know how businesses often tape or nickelframedframe their first dollar on the wall? That is what I would like to do with my first earned nickel. Obviously it is not a significant amount in any way, but this blog was never about profit. For me this nickel is a signifier of the day that I realized, holy crapola I can reach people. I can change lives. And those doubts that held me back? That self-limiting belief and fear of failure? It was all for naught because as of today, I’ve “made it”. Because even if I publish 100 more blogs and no one reads another word, I still made a difference today.

Which is why this is the most humbling five cents I have ever earned.


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