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Hello 3rd Trimester

Whew! We’re nearing the finish line. And no where closer to having a baby name chosen 😳.

So who’s ready to help us choose our baby name?!

Here’s what you have to go on. Our middle names have meaning. The girl middle name is for Chris’ grandmother. Our boy middle name is after my late father. So those are non-negotiables. I don’t want to put out the very limited contenders we have because it might sway the suggestions so just throw at me what you like! Please?!?

Some Basics

Mom Name: Samantha Elizabeth Haines (Brewer)

Dad Name: Christopher Robert Haines

Current Child’s Name: Colton Robert Haines

Girl Name: .                                 .  Jeanne Haines

Boy Name: .                                 .  Michael Haines

28 Week Bumpdate

belly pic at third trimester surprise genderHow far along?  28 weeks
How big is the baby? Big enough to simultaneously kick me in the ribs on the right while punching my abdomen on the left 🙂  
Total weight gain/loss? 20 lbs to date. This was a hard number for me to swallow–but I’ve gained acceptance and come to embrace the weight and all that it brings. Check out the IG post linked above.
Maternity clothes? Yes. I foresee another shopping trip in our future for some summer tops! Suggestions for favorite cute maternity shops other than Motherhood and the like are very welcome!!
Sleep? Eh it’s okay. I have severe SPD that makes my norm of switching sides left to right difficult. And getting up throughout the night or in the morning is crazy painful. Thank you to the creators of pregnancy pillows and ice packs for making it slightly better!
Best moment this week? Colton’s been very into baby and it’s adorable. Even when he’s telling us that baby’s name is “boo boo butt/ poo poo head strawberry banana” it’s out of love! But my favorite moment is when he asked how baby get’s out of my belly. I told him honestly. Obviously he was naked–because you know he’s always naked–and he frantically grabbed his little privates, gave it a look, then gave me a bewildered stare “How?! There’s no hole!!!” Twas truly adorbs.
Symptoms? The SPD. Which I had with Colton but only the last month and not as severe! And pretty tired! I’m pretty bummed about the SPD because while it makes normal day stuff painful, it makes working out beyond basic squats impossible! Unfortunately that’s not helping the weight gain I’m experiencing so focusing on eating right and creating a good plan for post baby!
Food cravings?  Um I’ve been wanting onion rings for days but I’m not giving in. Trying to stick to as healthy choices as possible!
Food aversions? Not really! Occasionally I’ll eat a few bites of something and will immediately go “nope not doing it for me so I’m not going to eat it.” But it’s not anything specific 🙂
Gender Guess? When pregnant with Colton I did a Facebook survey on my EDD. How many people thought boy and how many people thought girl: results were nearly 50/50 with mostly women saying boy and men saying girl. I thought that was interesting! This time around most people are saying girl so it’s making me think girl, but I have two staunch boy believers who are close to me that give me doubts!
Labor signs? Nope but lots of mild Braxton Hicks! Started drinking Get Maternal tea to get labor ready with that red raspberry leaf goodness.
Belly button in or out? In. Barely.
What I miss? Full-Caff 🙌. Being able to be physical and get up easily. Chores are piling up because it’s so hard to get up/walk right now!
What I’m looking forward to? I’m feeling baby a ton and while Colton is super into talking about baby and giving my belly toys to share (and even laying on my belly), he runs away when I ask him if he wants to feel the baby kicking. So I’m looking forward to when you can see more clearly kicks/movements so he can at least see the movement.
Milestones? Getting close to actually starting maybe getting babies room ready.
Bump? No hiding it now! Check out the belly pics below 👇






Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Hello 3rd Trimester

  1. I couldn’t resist.

    For a boy:
    Clay, Caden, Liam
    (Don’t know if you wanna keep w the hard C for boys and S for girls.)

    For a girl:
    Amber, Sarah, Ava, Emma (EJ for short/nickname?)

    Hehehe. Thanks for including us on your journey!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carson or Colin Michael for a boy & Stella or Emery Jeanne for a girl, congrats!

    My absolute favorite place for maternity clothes has been Pink Blush maternity online. They’re always having sales, so be sure to check Retailmenot for coupon codes or sign up for emails on the PB website 🙂 You look fantastic!


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