20 Weeks with Baby Haines #2

It’s a….surprise. For those of you that follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might have seen the post we shared of Colton holding “his baby’s pictures”  and kind of announced our decision. But here I am making it official. We are NOT finding out this baby’s gender.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-5-17-26-pmDespite the valiant efforts of voters on my last blog post we stuck with our initial choice to keep it a secret (check out the results –> ). Of course my husband being one of the voters who said “don’t find out” might have something to do with the decision we made 😉.

So yes, now our Gender Reveal Party will take place when the Doctor pulls the baby out and yells, “Surprise it’s a _____!”

I’m actually very excited to not find out. I went from being on the fence to being fully committed to “the cause” lol. Over the weekend we travelled to California for Thanksgiving and I had to explain many many times why we were choosing the surprise baby route…making me really passionate once again about the gender being a surprise.



How far along?  20 Weeks and one day (2o weeks on 11/29/16 which is when the pic is from).
How big is the baby? This question has me awkwardly googling baby fruit comparisons…a small banana. 10.5 oz.   
Total weight gain/loss? 10+ lbs. Hard to not be intimidated by this number! With Colton I gained 25 lbs the whole pregnancy and lost 2 lbs the last week and half. HOWEVER the weight I am now was my starting weight with Colton so I’m not too scared just yet.
Maternity clothes? Yes. After my 15 week bump date my belly had a day where it miraculously lost its bump. I was able to wear normal clothing for 3+ weeks after that (so through 18-19 weeks ) with only a slight pant extender aka a ponytail. But on Thanksgiving (before the meal ironically) my bump is back!
Sleep? Pretty good!
Best moment this week? Being in California for Thanksgiving and seeing so much of my family! Not really pregnancy related but it was great.
Symptoms? Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy. Was having them a little over the weekend and A LOT since we’ve been home but I saw my doctor. My blood pressure is a little high (for me) but my cervix looks good (yeah I know I know–all the boys tell me that 😜 ). So just rest and water was prescribed but my doctor isn’t too worried just yet.
Food cravings? In n’out & diced watermelon
Food aversions? Tomatoes, sliced watermelon, bacon that’s not peppered.
Gender Guess? We visited family and most the votes were split 50/50, much as they were the last time. Last guess was a girl, this week I’m saying boy. I’m thinking I’ll just alternate until I have an actual feeling?
Labor signs? Uh the Braxton Hicks contractions but glad to say despite the discomfort we’re looking healthy.
Belly button in or out? In.
What I miss? Over Thanksgiving I was okay without drinking! The only day I was sad was on Thanksgiving day we had a beautiful affair with 40 people at Rancho Las Lomas where they were serving one of my favorite craft beers–>Towne Park Beer. It’s not yet available in Austin so I was bumming that I couldn’t drink it!
What I’m looking forward to? No contractions and bigger kicks of course! I’m feeling a good amount of kicks all day but Chris struggles to feel them most the time. I’m excited to show Colton baby kicks as well and see his reaction! ALSO: hitting 22-23 weeks so I can just feel reassured that no matter what happens we have some safety.
Milestones? Hitting 20 weeks. The halfway mark! Feeling kicks throughout the day although they’re still lighter.
Bump? It’s there! As you can see from my pics today it can kind of disappear from the front POV with the right lighting lol. But it’s made its official presence. Check out the Comparison Pictures below of my first pregnancy versus this pregnancy at the 20 week mark.


P.S. Curious about those food cravings and the watermelon reference? As my sister says, “soooo…this is what married people fight about.”

We were having both of our mom’s + fam over for brunch on Saturday. Chris and my sister’s boyfriend, Shane, went to the store for food. They brought back general breakfast foods…and a large quarter slice of watermelon. I was prepping all the food and was just about to cut the watermelon when Chris came up and said,”oh I got it babe.” I easily replied, “sure I was just about to do the cut-scoop to get the rind off.” Chris said, “no I’m going to slice it so it has the rind”…and that’s how the fight started.👊

We had kids coming over in addition to the adults and I wanted to put the watermelon in the bowl. He thought it was “more fun” sliced up. But: my brother and sister (the kids) are used to cubed up, cubed up is also much easier to grab, more pieces for everyone to share, no chewed on rind to leave on the table or throw away, and bite sized so kids don’t make watermelon juice messes all over! Not to mention a nice presentation…really let’s compare here:

Yucky vs. Yummy 

We legit argued for 15 minutes until I stormed out seething. Like SEETHING mad lol. I kept reasoning out the argument in my head the whole time I got ready (another 15 minutes). When I came back to the kitchen I saw Chris had compromised with half cubed/half sliced. It still pissed me off lol. Shane (sister’s bf) quietly made me a bagel to calm the hangry beast. Another reason why he won MVP of the weekend, but anyhow…yes I calmed a little but all day the watermelon was brought up and would make me angry again as I reargued my points. Chris liked to point out it really didn’t matter…which made me more mad because then my argument became: If it didn’t matter to him but clearly mattered to me he should just give in. But he didn’t so I might “seem” like the crazy one but he fought back just as hard with his argument…only less aggressive with the name calling and verbal threats I was making😳. I could laugh as the day went on but man…watermelon will never be the same for us.

I’d like to point out that my sister Hannah tried to consume the sliced pieces as quickly as possible to end the fight, yet the last piece of watermelon left in the bowl was STILL a sliced piece…proving people in gatherings prefer the cubed. So moral of the story is I won and I’ll never eat sliced watermelon [in front of Chris] again.


Back to Baby Business! Bump Pics…

Here’s the pictures closer up of my bump at 20 weeks pregnant with our second baby of unknown gender!

Where’s the Baby?20-weeks-front-view-second-pregnancy

 Oh there’s the Baby!


Let’s Compare…Pregnancy #1 Unknown Gender!

Throwing in 21 weeks because that 20 week picture is harder to see.


Can we just talk about the old school iPhone camera quality 😂😂😂😂😂.


Feel free to comment what gender you think this baby is based off the picture comparison!!


xx Cheers!


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