15 weeks pregnant with baby haines 2 blog post

15 Weeks with Baby Haines #2

Going to preface this with–all these baby bump updates are not going to be this long! But this one includes finding out we were pregnant and some info about the weeks leading up to week 15. If you just want to skip to what’s going on now skip til you see the large bold “Week 15”


Finding Out We Were Pregnant

So far the hardest part of this pregnancy has been the symptoms. They’ve basically wreaked not only physical havoc but emotional as well!

The day I decided to take the pregnancy test I was only one day late. I was hanging up clothes in Colton’s room and a wave of nausea just hit me. I had the Clear Blue Digital Tests already under the counter in my bathroom because as part of my post-mc treatment I had to keep taking pregnancy tests as my HCG (pregnancy hormone) levels took months to finally yield a negative.

Normally, the most accurate way to take a pregnancy test when you’re barely late is to take it first thing when you wake up. The HCG is stored up while you sleep so the test yields the most accurate results then. Even though I knew this and it was mid-morning, the wave of nausea was unusual for me.

So I took the test.

Hoping so desperately for a positive yet trying not get to get your hopes up….it’s the most grueling 3 minutes ever. In the past few months taking these tests I had become accustomed to taking the test and walking away, coming to check on it a little while later. And even when taking the test back in February and thinking I was pregnant, I still didn’t watch the test calculate results.

But this time I watched. I stared. The little hour glass turned over and over. I stared harder willing results. Finally.



Telling Chris the Good News

Have you seen that video where the parents find out their daughter is pregnant?? Everyone leaves the video but the dad? Well watch it here if you haven’t but yeah. I was that guy. 

Happy dance doesn’t even begin to describe the awkward throwing around of limbs that occurred in the privacy of our bathroom! We were pregnant again!

Now how to tell Chris? If you saw at the bottom of the first blog post, there was a video of how I told Chris we were pregnant back in February–I gave Colton a Valentines day gift. Stuff for my babe, and then a t-shirt that said “Big Brother”.

Even though a large part of me was very excited to be pregnant again, there was a part of me that was still fearful that this would result the same way our last pregnancy had. That fear drove me to not want to do something big and dramatic to tell Chris. Additionally, my FIL was staying with us for the summer. While I had full intentions of letting him in on the pregnancy, I wanted to give Chris that moment first.

So this time I didn’t film it. I didn’t wait til the right day. The next morning was a Saturday. Colton was up at the crack of dawn per usual. Pre-pregnancy me would let Chris sleep in a little on weekends if he needed it. Usually Chris jumps up right away when Colton comes in our room in the am, but this morning he stayed sleeping–my cue to leave the room with him and let Chris sleep. Buuuuut I didn’t.

I took Colton quickly back upstairs to his room where I slipped on the Big Brothers shirt from before. Then I told Colton we had to wake daddy up by jumping on him and giving him hugs and kisses. I told Colton to instruct Daddy to read his shirt.

Chris resisted the wake-up call resiliently. But he was no match for annoyance of Colton and I. So he finally woke up, and Colton babbled incoherently about his shirt, until Chris finally saw it. He was awake then! We were thrilled!


First Trimester Symptoms

My doctor’s office booked us to come in early–at the 6 week mark. There’s a chance at 6 weeks that you can’t see the heartbeat yet. Talk about a scary moment. We could go in, have no heartbeat, but still possibly be pregnant. That’s a lot to take in.

Great, now we only have 2 weeks to go until we might maybe know if this pregnancy was viable–oh and hope nothing happened in the weeks following. Awesome sauce.

With my first pregnancy my symptoms were incredibly mild. I dealt with slight nausea only at night. With my second pregnancy, before the mc, I was a virtual vomit machine. This pregnancy was a little bit of both.

Week 4: (the week we found we out we were pregnant): mild nausea and lots of hunger.

Week 5: ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN. Plus lower back pain. It was miserable. I’d never heard of the pain being so early. Yoga was my only way of easing the pain. I was fearful that the pain I was feeling wasn’t round ligament but perhaps miscarriage cramps. The only thing that kept me relatively reassured was the pain felt centered in my muscles.

Week 6: My appointment wasn’t until Friday morning. But on Monday my symptoms all just stopped. I was convinced then that Friday’s ultrasound would not yield the results we hoped for.

The Morning of the First Ultrasound:

We went into the office. My doctor’s office is crazy highly rated yet he manages it with himself, my favorite nurse, and one front desk gal (they’ve actually just started added a new doctor and staff). But throughout all my previous appointments and this one, I have had the same nurse who cried for me during the miscarriage and hugs me tightly every time she see’s me. She’s younger than me but she’s my angel nurse!

We went into the room where they do the ultrasound. Joking and laughing we got in the exam room, and I sat on the exam table. Then I looked at them seriously and said, “look, I had symptoms but they’re all gone. So I’m just warning everyone…I think this is going to be same as last time.” At those words my doctor looked at me with sadness in his eyes, as if to say “Yes it sounds like it will be like that”.

But he said, “well let’s just take a look and see. And remember we may not see a heartbeat yet.”

The exam started and everything was quiet. I braced myself for the news I already knew.

Dr. Thoppil looked at me seriously then and said, “well…I’m sorry to tell you this Samantha. But you’re wrong.”

babyhaines2_6wksUm…come again? It took me a solid few seconds to catch up to the meaning of this statement.

He continued, “you have a healthy perfectly on track baby with a heartbeat.”

I was in sheer disbelief! I held back the happy tears but it was just a beautiful moment. We all went through so much in the past as a group I just felt so connected to my doctor and nurse and could feel them sharing our joy!

For abut 3-4 more days I enjoyed no symptoms.

But after that everyday it seems like something. Random waves of nausea, killer migraines, more round ligament pain, etc. The heartburn! But nothing too extreme or unmanageable. Just uncomfortable.

Around week 12 I really was feeling the nausea and it’s only started to subside now as we approach the end of week 15. I do still get nauseous if I’m hungry! babyhaines2_12wks

At week 12 we also had our second
ultrasound and blood test. Baby was incredibly active and the blood tests and all the measurements the doctor took of the baby gave us some great news. We are in the lowest risk category of everything. Baby is perfectly boring and normal. Sweet relief at last. We finally truly 100% accepted, we are in fact having a baby.


Week 15 Bumpdate


How far along?  15 weeks +3 days in the photo. Pants are unbuttoned to show the bump better but they do indeed still button.
How big is the baby? An apple   
Total weight gain/loss? Up 3+ lbs. My symptoms have made my working out more limited than I want. But as I feel better anticipating getting more active.
Maternity clothes? Yes! Had to move into maternity clothes very quickly. With all that early round ligament pain my hips stretched out VERY fast. I had no weight gain yet couldn’t button most my jeans, which tend to be high-waisted, by 8 weeks.
Sleep? With nausea, migraines, and heartburn subsiding finally getting good sleep. I do get tired very quickly and pass out right away which wasn’t my norm.
Best moment this week? Chris felt baby kick! I know I know it’s super early. But I’ve 100000% been feeling this baby all week. With Colton I didn’t feel him until about 18 weeks but this time I know what I’m feeling. I told Chris baby was being active and he put his hand on my belly. I told him, “there’s no way you’re going to feel anything, the kicks aren’t hard enough yet.” But after 5 minutes he felt one substantial little flutter! Pretty cool.
Symptoms? Very hungry. All the time. Nausea if I’m hungry or if I overeat. I literally live on the edge lol. Also some hormonal breakouts. Really not a fan of that.
Food cravings? Give me ALL the salty potato chips and fried chicken. Just salt really.
Food aversions? Sweet stuff. Even sweet potatoes (which I cook savory style) make me gag. Weirdly enough yesterday I had to have sour straws. I’m also good with gatorade. But otherwise no ice cream, no cookies, no dessert. Just bleh.
Gender Guess? 95% we’re not finding out again! Just based on the hormonal breakout I’d say girl. But I’m torn because I’m eating so much salty stuff that I’m not used to my skin could also just be mad at the diet change.
Labor signs? Happy to say no.
Belly button in or out? In
What I miss? Champagne. Totally random and weird, not like I drink it a lot. But I can’t tell you how good it sounds.
What I’m looking forward to? Bigger kicks of course! Also looking distinctly pregnant instead of that in between: is she pregnant or just hitting the cheeseburger stand really hard?
Milestones? Nausea is easing up. That’s a milestone in my book! Plus starting to get my energy back.
Bump? Yup. Definitely gets really big after meals (and has been since 12 weeks) but just starting to have a permanently present bump.


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